Monday, October 19, 2015

Air Force firefighter Hurt and Crash truck Damaged at Explosion At Owasso Quarry.

Firefighter helmet cam captures scary moment as gas tank explodes.

OWASSO, Oklahoma - It took most of the day Monday to extinguish a fire and make the area safe again at Tulsa Asphalt.Three firefighters that were injured are doing better, but the same can’t be said for one of the department’s fire trucks. The Air Guard Fire Department responded to Monday’s fire with two trucks and four firefighters. One of their firefighters was slightly hurt, and one of their trucks has substantial damage. When a take exploded at Tulsa Asphalt, the blast shattered the windshield of an Air National Guard fire truck. A spokesman said it's being checked to determine the extent of the damage.
Video: Up Close Look. You can see the Striker Up front. 
The fire started near tanks that first responders were told held fuel oil, diesel and oil for making asphalt. Seven tanks caught fire, but only one exploded. Rogers County Emergency management said it appears a pressure relief valve failed on that tank.It happened after the fire was almost out but while the tanks were still hot.The blast left three firefighters with minor injuries, but none required hospitalization.The most seriously injured firefighter was from the Air Guard who was standing next to their truck. It's not unusual for the Air Guard's firefighters to be called off base, particularly during petroleum fires like this one, where their foam truck is especially useful. In this case, the truck was damaged, but still drivable - though, firefighters had to cut out the windshield so they could drive it back to the base.The Air National Guard won't say what kind of injuries their firefighter had, only that he's home resting. Their damaged truck is being checked over to see if it's salvageable.

The fire started near tanks that first responders were told held fuel oil, diesel and oil for making asphalt.

Close-up photo from Osage SkyNews 6 HD showing the tanks on fire.